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Deli Star brings scientists, chefs and customers together to drive innovation by creating superior products and custom menu concepts that our customers demand. We are dedicated to research and development, and are a trusted partner of global food organizations. Deli Star is revolutionizing the food industry, one collaboration at a time.

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Quality Cooked Deli Meats Since 1987

In 1987, Dr. Dan Siegel founded Deli Star Corporation with a mission to provide the safest, highest quality, best tasting meats in the world. Now 30 years later, we remain committed to this vision to serve as a trusted partner. We developed a proprietary post-pasteurization process that guarantees our cooked products are free of preservatives, harmful bacteria and foodborne pathogens. Deli Star produces more than 15 million pounds of cooked meat annually, and offers a diversified portfolio of products ranging from deli meats to slow-cooked sous vide meats. We also provide custom product development to our industry partners at our St. Louis Innovation Center.


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Explore new opportunities for your business with our Executive Charles Hayes and his team of research chefs. Book an ideation session at our St. Louis Innovation Center, and let’s collaborate on new offerings and curate your menu with custom recipes.

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