It Takes a Family to Spit Fire

2016 Quarter 1 Newsletter
April 15, 2016
Deli Star Corporation Creates Executive Chef Position
June 27, 2016

It Takes a Family to Spit Fire

Family is the defining characteristic of the atmosphere at Deli Star. The company founded on family values has provided an outlet for individuals dedicated to good food and innovation. The common love for exciting recipes and the strong bond between employees often ends up cultivating lively events revolving around food. In the case of the starry spring night in June, the Deli Star crew gathered around a coal pit to celebrate their passion for protein.

Deli Star has a rich heritage in the meat industry. The company, established in 1987, was founded by Dr. Dan Siegel Ph.D.. Dr. Siegel, who received his Doctorate in Meat Science at the University of Illinois, is known for his love of pig roasts. Neighbors of Dr. Siegel had believed, for a long time, that he roasted pigs professionally. Dr. Siegel has since handed the company over to his son, Justin Siegel, who has been the president since 2014. Justin has continued to grow the company and treat every employee as if they were a member of the Siegel family. As a tribute to the heritage of the company and his father, who is still Chairman of the Board, Justin Siegel and Executive Chef Jared Case had decided to Roast a Boar in the front yard of the Deli Star plant to feed the Deli Star employees.

Like everything else at the company, this was an event sparked by the love of creating amazing food and memorable experiences. This was not an event premeditated behind the doors of the marketing department or as an official HR event, but a spur of the moment plan to indulge in great food with amazing people.

The day of the roast began like any other, business as usual. At the St. Louis Innovation Center, the plan started to come together as members of the team finished up work for the day. Plant Manager and BBQ Expert, Boomer Butz, was recruited to dig a pit and prepare it for the roast. President Justin Siegel and Executive Chef Jared visited a local BBQ shop in St. Louis for supplies before heading over to the plant in Fayetteville, Illinois to prep. To ensure that the boar would roast to perfection, the event turned into a campout so that the boar could be checked on throughout the night.

As the sun went down, children and adults played corn hole while the boar was seasoned and placed over the hot coals. Festivities continued through the night for both plant and corporate employees and the boar slowly turned as stars began to glow in the sky. Soon, people started to head off to bed in anticipation of the savory smoked meat that they would soon consume.

When the sun returned to the sky, the boar was completely cooked and ready to eat. Lunch was prepared for the the Deli Star family and everyone was rewarded for the previous nights labor. Roasting a boar takes a lot of work and a lot of knowledge and no single person could have executed the task without the help of the team. At Deli Star this is the mentality for everything that is done. As individuals we are talented but as a family we are incredible.

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