The Art of Ideation

2016 Quarter 2 Newsletter
July 15, 2016
2016 Quarter 3 Newsletter
October 28, 2016

The Art of Ideation


While celebrating Salad Month with the Refrigerated Foods Association we had the opportunity to host an ideation session with a customer to produce custom solutions matching their needs. There were no limitations as the customer partnered with Executive Chef Jared Case and embarked on a mission to explore bold and unique flavors that would appeal to consumers.

We began with a brainstorm allowing our SLIC team to gather critical information that helped us better understand what the customer was trying to achieve. Listening to our customers is always a major role in finding solutions for our customers’ very specific needs. With a firm idea of the goal and a creative mind, Chef Jared began whipping up different recipes for the customer to sample. By meeting in person, feedback is shared in real time and recipes can be adjusted with very little time and effort allowing for quick development of new products.

The collaboration was a success. By the end of the session, many different ideas had been shared and the customer had a long list of new products that aligned with the evolving and ever changing consumer trends. We look forward to future ideation sessions with more of our customers at the Deli Star St. Louis Innovation Center.

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