Deli Star St. Louis Innovation Center

Collaboration and creativity collide at our St. Louis Innovation Center. Located in the heart of downtown St. Louis’ Laclede’s Landing district, the center is home to our state-of-the-art restaurant-style kitchen where customers work side-by-side with Deli Star’s R&D team and chefs fueling collaboration in creating innovative menu choices.



Deli Star University

We are dedicated to the science of fresh ideas and maintaining our role as scientific leaders in the food industry. Deli Star University was founded out of a desire to share our knowledge with our customers to help them better understand the products they produce on a scientific level and grow our relationships.



Food Quest

We set out on a mission to find the best menu items in a product category. The goal is to dissect the dishes and discover what makes them so successful. We use the information to formulate products that would integrate seamlessly with these high quality meals.



Star Guest

Deli Star Corporation understands how important it is to respond to guest requests, complaints and service issues immediately. As a result, all of us have the ability – or are “enabled” – to resolve guest complaints and address concerns as close to the source as possible.

All Employees are empowered 100% to resolve a guest problem. Whether a guest is a co-worker, supervisor, manager, customer, potential customer, supplier, contractor or anyone affecting, buying or producing our food anywhere in the world, we know that each guest deserves a unique, immediate solution to his or her quality or service problems.



Custom Software Solutions

Our software is a custom user interface designed for specific production needs. Processes and tasks are streamlined to save time and money.