Our Simple Promise

With most all Americans stating that it’s important to feel good about the food they eat… the demand for minimally processed, high-quality food is clear. Deli Star works in close cooperation with our customers to meet the demands of the ultimate consumer – the health-conscious, hungry American who demands convenience and transparency from their stores and restaurants. As we embrace our responsibility to provide the safest, healthiest food, Deli Star introduces: Simple Promise… our newest initiative that delivers high-quality foods and sets a new standard for our industry peers.



Comprehensive Supplier Rules and Regulations

Making our food the best starts at the source. Each of our meat suppliers undergo thorough animal welfare auditing and follow humane handling standards as outlined by The National Chicken Council (NCC), the National Turkey Federation (NTF) and the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). All meats must be harvested and processed within these organizations’ guidelines, and suppliers must produce USDA-certified approved cuts of meat. Third-party supplier audits, such as those performed by the Global Food Safety Initiative, are also required by Deli Star to ensure our fresh, never frozen meats are superior in quality and safe to eat.



All-Natural Products

You’ll never find artificial ingredients or preservatives in our Simple Promise line. Similar to some of the all-natural options in our minimally processed Chef’s Edge product line, our new Simple Promise line uses whole cuts of meat and all-natural ingredients, resulting in a higher-quality product with superior natural flavors. These high-end cuts of meat are seasoned with all-natural ingredients, such as sea salt and cracked pepper, and then seared and sous vide to enrich the natural flavor and tenderness.



Safety First

Food safety is our first priority. We’ve earned Level 3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification, ensuring that the quality and safety of our food meets the highest standards. Our post-pasteurization process kills harmful foodborne pathogens, creating longer refrigerated shelf-life without using preservatives. As customers research the safety behind the foods they’re consuming, we are confident in providing the safest products made with the freshest ingredients.