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Continuous Flow Operation

SQF 9.0

USDA Certified

FDA Certified

Silver LEED Certified


Sustainable manufacturing in action

Deli Star’s new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, is another testament to our enduring commitment to quality and culinary innovation. The LEED-certified facility produces fresh proteins with an unmatched refrigerated shelf life–including seared, sous vide, and smoked protein options.

Cutting-edge equipment and production-line layouts efficiently deliver safe, quality proteins that live up to the Deli Star Standard. The new location is 1.2 miles from Deli Star’s Food Discovery Center, allowing us to efficiently service customers from ideation to production. 

Efficient food production 

You’ll find efficiency at the center of Deli Star’s processes and plant. Our energy-efficient facility uses IMP (insulated metal panel) walls and ceilings for temperature and moisture control, high-speed insulated doors to minimize energy waste, dock seals to prevent infiltration during truck loading and unloading, and refrigeration units charged with low-hydrocarbon, new-generation Freon refrigerants.

Environment & Sustainability

We take pride in our responsibility to our partners and the environment for the benefit of our employees and families in the communities in which we operate. We seek to minimize the impact on land, water, and air around our operations.

Centrally located operations

Our St. Louis, MO location ensures fast access to top-tier farms nationwide and swift product delivery across the US.

Our SQF, USDA, and FDA certifications underline our pledge to deliver the industry’s safest food.

Manufacturing excellence.
Exceptional products. 

Discover how fresh, ready-to-use proteins can enhance your operational efficiency. Our fresh, never-frozen proteins are easier to use and provide a superior taste, texture, and appearance.