Fresh sous vide proteins for fresh meal experiences.

Revel Fresh Sous Vide Proteins are a culinary-driven line of all-natural, whole-muscle proteins. Prepared using our unique cooking technology, Revel Fresh proteins have higher quality taste, texture, and appearance and a wide range of applications. Our 120-day quality refrigerated shelf-life saves you time, money, and resources to serve up culinary experiences your customers will crave.

120-Day Refrigerated Shelf Life

Fresh, never-frozen, and with a 120-day refrigerated shelf life, Revel Fresh Sous Vide proteins are prepared with our proprietary Fresh Sous Vide process to minimize waste and maximize fresh possibilities.

Whole Muscle Proteins & Limited Ingredients

Our all-natural, clean-label Fresh Sous Vide protein options allow you to confidently serve delicious menu items that are as craveable and nutritious.

Chef-Crafted Culinary Styles & Seasonings

Our carefully crafted, wide range of sous vide proteins empowers chefs to realize their vision with consistency, efficiency, and quality. Culinary styles and seasonings like smoked, seared, grilled, and braised offer delicious flavors that work across a variety of different dishes.

Speed Scratch

Spend less time, money, and resources while maintaining the same from-scratch flavors your customers expect. All Revel Fresh Sous Vide proteins are ready to use and delivered sized, sliced, diced, or whole for greater efficiency and menu versatility out of restaurant sous vide.

The Revel Fresh Menu


  • Chicken Breast
  • Beef Steak


  • Chicken Breast

Hardwood Smoked

  • Pulled Pork
  • Shredded Beef Brisket


  • Barbacoa
  • Seasoned Pork
  • Uncured Corned Beef