Quality & Food Safety Standards

Since 1987 we’ve pioneered food safety methods and built a reputation on food quality. Our collaborative approach brings chefs, food scientists, and customers together to create clean, minimally processed products from quality ingredients with an extended fresh shelf-life.

The Deli Star standard

By taking a fresh, never frozen approach, every Deli Star product delivers better taste, texture, and appearance. Our ready-to-use proteins come with an unmatched 120-180 day quality refrigerated shelf life.

Our proprietary processes

Our Fresh Sous Vide process uses fresh, raw whole muscle proteins to create convenient, ready-to-use proteins. Our Revel Fresh Sous Vide products have an unmatched refrigerated shelf life while ensuring a superior taste, texture, and appearance.

Steam Post Pasteurization (SPP) is more efficient at reducing Listeria, while maintaining protein appearance and quality. SPP is more cost effective and energy efficient than HPP alternatives.

The best refrigerated shelf-life, naturally

We use a one-step steam cooking process for our premium seared & grill-marked proteins. We call this low & slow cooking technology Fresh Sous vide. Through steam pasteurization post packing, we offer our customers an extended refrigerated shelf life of between 120-180 days naturally achieved without added preservatives.

Sensory advantages of Fresh Sous Vide

Traditional cooking methods expose food with direct heat, water, and oxygen, destabilizing the nutrients & affecting the texture. At Deli Star, we only use responsibly sourced, fresh-never-frozen meat. By cooking slow & low, we lock in all the goodness & nutrients, creating high-quality ready to eat products that are tender & delicious.

Deli Star Certifications

At Deli Star, we uphold the highest quality, safety, and sustainability standards. Our commitment to excellence is demonstrated not only through our Steam Post-Pasteurization® and Fresh Sous Vide processes but also through a series of industry-recognized certifications that underscore our unwavering dedication to delivering greater deli meat safety and shelf life.


SQF 9.0


LEED Silver Certified Facility

Continuous Flow Operation



Quality Deli Star Products

Our proprietary processes allow us to craft high-quality proteins while delivering an unmatched refrigerated shelf life for every Deli Star product. Explore our protein line-up.

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