Deli Star Classic

Our traditional line of cooked meats, Deli Star Classic is an optimal sandwich-making solution for our industrial customers and features flavor-packed honey ham, chipotle turkey breast and cost-effective all-natural options.


Chef's Edge

Chef's Edge is our premium line of restaurant-quality cooked meats. Offered in rotisserie-style chicken breast, turkey breast, applewood-smoked honey ham and beef pastrami, Chef's Edge utilizes smoked flavors and thick, whole-muscle cuts to achieve a premium flavor and texture.


Gaucho Premium Slow-Cooked Meats

Gaucho Premium is Deli Star’s line of slow-cooked meats and is a great option for our retail partners. From pulled pork to beef short rib, Gaucho Premium Slow-Cooked Meats are perfect for any addition to a meal or center-of-the-plate entrée.


Simple Promise

Deli Star works in close cooperation with our customers to meet the demands of the ultimate consumer – the health-conscious, hungry American who demands convenience and transparency from their stores and restaurants. As we embrace our responsibility to provide the safest, healthiest food, Deli Star introduces: Simple Promise… our newest initiative that delivers high-quality foods and sets a new standard for our industry peers.